Frequently Asked Questions

Splatt AI is an exam preparation and learning assistant that helps student prepare for their most important examinations anywhere from their mobile devices or computer. Students can upload their notes which we call study materials and get likely questions they could be tested on based on that note, this combined with the personalized advisory and guidiance Splatt AI's counsellor gives the user to ensure they are setup to conquer their next test, quiz or examination.

Splatt AI comes in flexible plans:
Free: $0/ mo Billed Monthly
Free: $0/ mo Billed Annually
Basic: $11.25/ mo Billed Monthly
Basic: $7.50/ mo ($89.99 )Billed Annually
Premium: $14.50/ mo Billed Monthly
Premium: $9.75/ mo ($116.99) Billed Annually

How will get access to this service?
Visiting to sign up and take a test from any study material on the platform or uploading your own study materials.

By choosing a subscription plan here on the Web App.

Mobile and desktop devices including but not limited to: Desktop computers or laptops, along with Android and IOS Mobile devices.

Study materials are pretty much as the name implies they are what you want to study, they can be created by typing them or by uploading documents on Splatt AI. with study materials you can study them, get summaries or cliff notes from them and get likely test questions that could be asked in a test or examination.

Yes you will be debited automatically at the end of your billing cycle, i.e if you are on the monthly plann you will be billed every month, if you are on the annual plan you will be billed every year.

They are uploaded by the users across the world.

Not at the moment, This will be available on our upcoming android and iOS mobile apps.

Currently Splatt AI can't generate questions from mathematics or calculation centric notes, this is currently being worked on. It might also not perfectly create questions for overly expressive content like literature centric questions but this is also in the works and being tested internally.

Unfortunately no, we suggest you take a free trial of whatever tier you desire before deciding to make a payment.