Revision Test

Revision tess are a combination of different question types, with different evels of diffculty in the tests to really understand how well you have mastered the notes.We make it our priority to ensure our tools are simple for our users to create, study and share study materials. The are compatible on all devices ranging from desktop to mobile phones and other devices.


Multiple Choice is pretty straight foward, you get a question and you are presented with 4 options one of which is the correct answer to the question. You keep practicing to master study materials and See how you're improving over time. The questions are adaptive and are presented using Educational psychology approaches.

Fill in the Gap

Fill in the Gap is pretty straight foward, you fill in the correct term or subtopic that corresponds with the content presented to you per time. You keep practicing to master study materials, corrrectly master the spelling of terms and See how you're improving. The questions are adaptive and are presented using Educational psychology approaches.

Why Splatt AI Works

  • Splatt AI gives you 4 types of questions (Multiple choice, fill in the gap, test and essay questions) that help you master any note, we provide our users with excellent tools they use for revision and give them quizzes based on any note
  • Splatt AI is all about helping you as an individual and our objective is to give you the best personalized learning experience by testing you on your strenghts and weaknesses per time, giving you personal advice to help you do better and not someg generic study tips etc. This is possible through the data we collect from you from about 300 data points based on the psycology of learning to figure out how best you learn and use this understanding to help do other amazing services to make sure you ace your next test.
  • Splatt is ultimately going to be an ecosystem of notes from learners and teachers across the country and maybe even the world, with a variety of notes from different sources, our users have options when looking for what to study

We give you a personalized learning experience powered by your Data

Studying on Splatt AI is geared towards giving you a personalised, We collect a lot of data from you other sudents studying with splatt ai to figure ot how best you learn, how people learn with different study materials and how to connect you to the best study materials for you, help generate the best study planners for you and giving you top notch Personalised learning reports. This is possible by the advanced machine learning algorithims put together by our amazing research software engineering team to give you all the best experience.